Get Your Store Prepped for Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and the weather is warming up which means shoppers will be more willing to spend cash on jewelry and accessories this time of year. Preparation should begin on all the promotions you plan to host this week. The color green is a sure way to get people in the spirit of Saint Patty’s Day. Hopefully with enough decor including four leaf clovers you will be able to get some luck rubbed off onto your store for the season!

A fast way to a customer’s heart is with buy one get one deals and heavy discounts. We suggest having a fun raffle such as a drawing using a pot of gold to pick out winners. Winners will be thrilled and onlookers will want to participate. To guarantee a purchase simply have them pick a coin after you hand them the receipt so it gives them more incentive to buy.

For the week of Saint Patrick’s Day put all your green merchandise forward. Put window necklace display showcasing green gemstone jewelry and silver and gold accessories. You can even have free goodies such as pins, balloons, and candy to anyone browsing by your store.

Have fun with the holiday and don't forget to ask your staff to wear green! The small cost of a little décor matched with a strong promotion will bring your boutique tons of consumers on the day of the event. By putting out the effort to make your store unique, your customers will have a memorable experience to keep them coming back for the next holiday!

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