Effective Jewelry Booth Display for Outdoor Trade Shows

Now that the weather is getting a little warmer and spring is definitely on its way, it’s the perfect time to join outdoor events and trade shows for your jewelry business. Outdoor trade shows work basically similar to indoor events but somehow better and more exciting.

Because it’s usually held on parks, university grounds and other large open spaces, outdoor trade shows or craft fairs create a more relaxed and engaging experience both for the exhibitors and attendees. It also allows you to create more creative necklace display and boot decoration. You even get to meet more people and establish useful networks that can help you improve your business in the long run.

Before attending an outdoor trade show, you have to make sure that you’re prepared enough to address different issues that may occur during the event.

Here are some tips to Remember when Attending Outdoor Trade Shows:

1.    Plan ahead
Any issue may be significantly reduced if you can prepare for it in advance. Make sure that you have all the tools you need in decorating your booth. List down all the things you may need so you won’t forget to bring anything at the show. If you’re renting a big space, you may also consider hiring an extra hand or asking your friends for help to help you manage your booth.

2.    Choose your inventory

Since it will be more difficult to manage your items during an outdoor event, it’s important to choose what items you want to showcase on your necklace display. Pick your best jewelry items and securely put it on your booth for the rest of the show. You can also display specific items that are related to the event or the theme of the occasion. If you want to bring extra inventory, just place it inside a storage box and hide it under a table or any secure area in your booth.

3.    Use the right jewelry display

Indoor trade show may be more comfortable because of its secured and controlled environment. However, you may not expect the same for shows that are held in open spaces. Secure your jewelry display in case of strong winds and sudden rainfall by using quality necklace display stands and sturdy display busts.

4.    Keep it fun and engaging

Enjoy the relaxing mood of your location and let your visitor feel the same. No need to get uptight. Communicate with the people who are dropping by your store and make sure to take note of their name and contact info so you can keep in touch even after the event.

Are you planning to join any trade show this spring season? Share to us your tips and preparation for an outdoor event.


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