Showcase Whimsical Necklaces with Charming Jewelry Doll Display

Some jewelry is just so fascinating it deserves to have a special spot in your jewelry store. This kind of jewelry is sure to steal the hearts of your customers and can catch the attention of even those who are not so much into jewelry. Do you want to showcase your personal masterpiece or the latest from a popular jewelry line? Why not put it in eye catching doll display?



Unlike other necklace display cases, doll displays are known for its chic look and fun designs. They are often made with metal and high quality fabric that looks perfect for short to medium length necklaces. Jewelry doll display is also highly noticeable because of the details on its design. They often come in small pieces and shaped like woman’s body. It’s often filled with different knick knacks like sequins, feathers, beads among others.

How to use

Jewelry doll display is a great addition to your table display during trade shows or a center piece on your store display. Just put together different pieces of these cute little creations and hang beads or peal necklaces. Remember to purchase doll display that fits the theme of your jewelry to keep things properly coordinated.

During wedding season, you can purchase some dolls with their cute wedding dresses to emphasize your wedding collection. Prom accessories can also be displayed with dolls that are wearing some fashionable cocktail or evening dresses. Just use your imagination and creativity when accessorizing your display and you’re good to go.

Some important tips!

If you want to create a necklace display that can bring more customers into your store, using jewelry doll display is a very good choice. Just remember to keep things classy and simple as this dainty jewelry stands can look too cute that it can look distracting when overly done.

If you’re going too look at different jewelry supply store, you can definitely find one that matches the elegance of your jewelry while adding a bit of playfulness in your store appearance. Aside from displaying necklaces, you can also use displays shaped like shoes to showcase fashion rings or earrings to match the necklace that you’re selling.


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