Colorful Spring Necklaces? Display it the Right Way With These Tips

Spring fashion is about bold colors, exciting patterns and edgy designs. From bulky sweaters and thick clothes, we’re down to casual dresses and cool prints. If you’re a jewelry seller, this is definitely a great time to create a necklace display stand that can showcase your best selling colorful jewelry.


Because of its details and often intricate patterns, colorful jewelry is more challenging to display compared to other kinds of jewelry. However, a well planned jewelry display can brighten up the mood in your store and can make shopping more convenient for your customers.

Make sure you display your spring collection the right way by reading the following tips.

  • Create an impressive contrast

Dark colored gems like emerald or onyx are more noticeable when displayed on white or beige necklace bust, while light colored jewelry like silver, or crystal will look elegant against a black surface. If you want to highlight the quality of your jewelry, it is important to take note of the characteristic of your necklaces or earrings before displaying it in your store.

  • Be creative

Don’t just settle with store brought display. Spice it up by hand painting shelves or racks to fit the color scheme of your store. Aside from necklace display stands available in jewelry supply shop, you can also use recycled materials as an alternative. Just decorate it using different available items in your house like yarn, buttons, feathers, etc. This way, you can add excitement on your display without spending additional cost.

  • Keep it updated

Showcase different pieces of jewelry by changing the items on display everyday or at least once or twice a week. Make sure to dust off table or shelves surfaces and jewelry pieces to avoid tarnish or other damages.

Making the most out of your necklace display can exponentially help you create a more relatable display that encourages users to make a purchase. Want to get more tips and tricks? Check back on this blog and watch out for more useful articles.


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