Chic Display Ideas for Wedding Season

Spring is here which means it is officially wedding season! Try to help remind consumers of this time of year by making your jewelry displays and store displays appear reminiscent of this time.  With jewelry, it’s best to help the consumer paint a visual of what the ring or necklace will look like with their attire. Let them know that your bridal collection can be integrated into a variety of different looks. The entire process of shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands can already be overwhelming for the bride and groom so you will want to make them feel as comfortable as possible during the shopping process. One thing is certain, all brides want their day to be perfect and shopping for jewelry is one big factor of the process.

Windows to Reflect Wedding Season
The simplest way to remind shoppers of wedding season is through the incorporation of a chic background image.  Something such as an image of warm weather, spring flowers blooming, or a black and white photograph of newlyweds is an ideal approach. The goal is to make sure the image in the window will catch their eye and make them think about wedding accessories and bridal jewelry. You can also utilize jewelry sets with risers and multi-level bases to help give your display dimension. Make these displays as crisp and clean as possible using white or black suede or leather jewelry displays as the main backdrop color. To include a spring theme, place rose petals and foliage around the displays or dress up the area with pastel colored butterflies.  

Keep Bridesmaids in Mind
The bride to be is not the only potential customer you may have walk in your store. Keep in mind that ladies seldom shop solo. They will usually come with an entourage of a mother, sister, or group of friends. You want to make sure your shop caters to them as well. Have spring colored jewelry on necklace display stand in another window so that the bride’s party will also have a selection to choose from. To showcase your other accessories, you can place them on acrylic risers and t-bar displays so that all your customers will try them on while shopping.
Take the time to make your jewelry store prepared for the wedding season frenzy this time of year to reap the benefits from satisfying your customers. They will see the value and effort from your perfect window displays and store jewelry displays and want to refer your store to a friend! With the right clientele, you have the potential to grow and have loyal customers for many years to come. This time of year is a great time to try to sell tons of different jewelry styles such as pearl bracelets, diamond earrings, and pave tennis bracelet styles . Just because someone isn't looking for an engagement ring doesn't mean they may not be interested in fun bridal jewelry. Use this time of year to make the most of your selling opportunities! 


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