Adding Details to Your Spring Jewelry Displays

Spring is finally here and you know what that means it’s time to update jewelry and window displays to celebrate the season. The perfect way to represent spring time fashion is by having your window displays emulate the year’s rebirth with flora and fauna. This is the perfect time to have your displays really make a statement with a consolidated theme and corresponding products.  You want to lure them into your store with a spectacular window and then keep their attention with beautiful jewelry displays once they're inside.

When achieving the perfect spring displays fine details come to mind. We love the idea of stringing together a garland of butterflies or dragonflies and having them drape around the front of the store. You can arrange them anyway you like; making them look like they're flying around. For a chic backdrop you can drape burlap or canvas for a fun, rustic look. You can also utilize props such as picnic baskets with jewelry lying on top. Faux flowers are a wonderful touch to a spring look as well as figurines. We love our new owl jewelry displays which are a clever way to utilize a prop as a necklace display holder. We love the way Anthropologie always manages to achieve an earthy, vintage look utilizing props and tree branches.

  There are so many pretty things you can decorate your shop with this spring from flowers to butterflies. Paying attention to details will ensure a creative, memorable experience for your shoppers and will grab their attention in more ways than one. Don't worry if consumers won't notice all the fine details, the ultimate goal is to attract them to your jewelry. The more onlookers you attract the higher the chance for a sale! 


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