Springtime Displays

The weather is warming up down in Southern California which the perfect indication that spring is near! We couldn't be more excited for warmer weather and springtime flowers to bloom. What's your favorite part about spring? For many its the freedom to be able to go outside and breathe fresh spring air, hear the birds chirping, and see all the plants in bloom. The world have so many beautiful shades this time of year that we think would tie in beautifully to your existing jewelry displays or store displays.

Spring usually means that business is picking up especially for the spring selling season. The first thing you need to tackle is getting spring colored merchandise into your displays. Everyone tends to want bright colors and pastel in their jewelry. To decorate your display tables, you can reflect the budding flowers with ribbons, beads, and faux flowers scattered around your window necklace display. Incorporate risers to give your displays more height and dimension. For springtime jewelry, we love using linen or wood jewelry displays especially for necklaces and bracelets.

We love the way big brick and mortar store, Anthropologie has used real dried trees, moss, and butterflies for an uber-spring look. Occasionally you can add glitter to the leaves and flowers for a luxurious feel that will add a touch of glamour.

Another fun way to add a touch of spring into your store is by choosing a fun printed shopping bag. We firmly believe package is a great way to go the extra mile and impress customers. You can get pastel colored ribbon to decorate a brown paper bag or opt for pastel colored shiny paper shopping bags for a chic packaged look for jewelry purchases. If you really want to wow customers you can decorate gift boxes with pretty leaves and flowers and tie in hemp wire for a nature inspired look.


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