Showcase Eye-Catching Necklace with Jewelry Display Bust

A necklace with an impressive details and made from exquisite materials deserves the spotlight in your store display. This kind of jewelry will surely catch the attention of even the most casual shoppers and will encourage them to immediately bring out their wallet to buy your jewelry or come back with their friends as soon as possible.


When purchasing a display for statement necklaces, it is important to find something that will help accentuate its details and remarkable craftsmanship. The best feature of a precious stoned jewelry or a handcrafted necklace can be best displayed through a display bust.

A necklace display bust is a form of display that is made to showcase a single necklace at a time. Often it is shaped like a torso and sometimes includes a head of a woman.

Different colors of display busts for your jewelry

To achieve an eye catching display, you have to pick something that complements the color and nature of the jewelry being displayed. Busts are available in all colors of velvet, silk, linen, satin or leatherette. Light colored bust display works for dark colored jewelry such as those that are dominated with the color of black, navy blue, gray or dark green. On the other hand, black colored display will bring more justice to light colored jewelry like pearl necklace, sterling silver necklace and crystal jewelry.


If you're going to order for a necklace display bust over the internet, you can see a lot of variations of it. You can find busts thatt are made from metal, wood and plastic. Paper twine necklace display are also available if you want to showcase a nature themed jewelry.

If you're into DIY, you can also search online about different ways to decorate your display bust and turn it into something more unique and stylish.

Each of this kind of display has its own beauty and advantage. Make sure to pick something that will not only look good with your jewelry but will also work well with the rest of your store appearance.


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