Make Shoppers Feel Welcome

Usually if a customer is shopping in your store, they are interested in your products. Of course there are sometimes those people who won't want to be in your store but don't let it break you down. Customer experience is based on a variety of factors such as interest, customer service, displays, and merchandise. Simply put you cannot appeal to everyone so focus on your core target market and you will yield higher positive results than trying to please everyone. Whether it’s getting exactly what the consumer wants or leaving empty handed window necklace display stands and jewelry displays really make the difference for shoppers.

To make your jewelry shop feel more welcoming and attract people to come in from browsing at the windows you should make the environment as inviting as possible. Seating is always a nice option for a shopper who needs to take a break while his/her partner shop. You can find chic vintage chairs to a shabby chic spring look. You can also repaint chairs and reupholster the padding with a seasonal fabric. Remember you want to accommodate friends or family your shopper may be with. This will make them feel more relaxed and they will give your shopper more time to shop.

Keep your sales floor staffed with positive friendly people. Jewelry sales are all about making that connection before making a decision. If your sales staff can connect with the consumer and identify his/her needs a sale is more likely to be made. Cater to your customers and make them feel special. Let them know you value their business and want them to be happy and confident with their purchase choice. Even if they leave your store without purchasing, it’s better to have a potential customer leave on a positive note instead of a distasteful opinion of your business. 


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