Jewelry Business Tips: How to Deal with Copycats

In a world where creativity and uniqueness is a big deal, or knockoff artists copycats can cause headaches and frustrations to a lot of handmade jewelers and designers. It's like being Ripped off and violated for something that you have dedicated your time and efforts in.

However, having other people copy your designs and selling your works as their own is almost inevitable. Especially when you publicly post a photo of your necklace display stands or ring display on your website, social media or blogs, it’s even easier for people to just create an item that is almost as similar as your creation.

So how do you deal with the thought of other people gaining profits from your ideas? How do you handle those sellers who make it a point to copy your designs?

Here are some of the things that a jewelry seller should remember.

  1. Keep your cool

We all know it’s quite frustrating to see someone claim to be the owner of a design especially if you’re sure that it was all your idea. However, it won’t do your business any good to have a verbal argument with other sellers in jewelry tradeshow or exhibit. The best thing to do is to keep calm and plan your next your next move.

  1. Know your rights

Before you put your creation on a necklace display rack, be sure that you know your rights and responsibility as a jewelry designer. Knowledge of the basic law in regards with copyrights and design patent can save you from a lot of trouble in the future. If you opted to have your designs patented, make sure to include it in your display or packaging to avoid possible copycats.

  1. Keep improving your craft

You can choose to confront someone for copying your designs, or you can just choose to shrug it off and move on. However, the best thing to do to be ahead of the competition is to continuously improve your crafts by learning new technique and mastering new skills. If you really want to keep your products unique, you can purchase materials abroad or from specialty stores so you can create a jewelry that is uniquely yours.

They say imitation is the highest form of admiration but as a jewelry seller, you should also know how you can deal with copycats. Learn the laws regarding your craft and how you can protect your items from being copied.


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