Get Your Jewelry Prepped For V-Day

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and we all know what ladies like...Jewelry! It's the one day of the year that you can show her how much she truly means by giving her the classic stud earrings, sterling silver jewelry, or diamond necklace! Jewelry has always been a good way to show how much you love her and that is certainly not going to change anytime soon.

As for a jewelry store owner, its the perfect time time to set up your jewelry display and gorgeous inventory. We love the look of acrylic jewelry displays and line displays because they really make colored gemstones and diamonds pop against a neutral background. There are also other creative ways to showcase your styles with cases and wooden trays and velvet lining. You can line up rings and make custom complete jewelry looks this way to help upsell at your boutique.

We love adding props too! Try rose petals, vases, glass beads, or balloons to help get shoppers in the mood to shop for loved ones. You'll be glad you did because your store will look flawless and romantic all season long! Valentine's Day only comes once a year; it's not about the glitz and flashy presents. It's more about making someone feel special with a simple heartfelt gift.

If you put as much effort into your jewelry displays, consumers are sure to notice and appreciate the extra effort. Your store could become a part of someone's special Valentine's Day memory this holiday. Everytime she'll look at that gorgeous ring she will remember where it came from as well!


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