4 Useful Tips on How to Keep Your Jewelry Display Clutter Free

Aside from creating a well planned necklace display, a jewelry store owner should also have a strategy on how to keep it clutter free and well organized. As customers come in your store to try on your jewelry, getting your display jumbled or misplaced is almost inevitable. But how are you going to deal with it as a store owner?

With your diligence and the help of your staff, you can definitely work together to provide your customer a good shopping environment. This way, they can enjoy shopping inside your store without being confused and with ease.

Here are some of our tips on how you can keep your display organized.

1. Assign specific area of your store for particular products

If you’re selling different types of jewelry, it is important to arrange them strategically by putting it in different areas of your store. Assign a specific shelf for different types of necklace. Separate them according to length, materials used and the theme of the jewelry. Do this with the rest of your jewelry such as rings and bracelets.

2. Put signs and labels

Make sure you’re products are in the right places by putting labels on shelves, racks or jewelry trays. Instead of putting up a simple sign, try to incorporate it to your interior design by decorating it with different colors or patterns that complement your store. Avoid any confusion by putting up pricing labels on your necklace display to make shopping easier for your customers.

3. Keep precious items in glass display

Maintaining the orderliness of your jewelry inventory will not only help in making your store look impressive. It can also prevent thieves or shop lifters from victimizing you or your customers. An organized room will make it easier for you to spot when an inventory is missing or if someone tries to steal from your store.

4. Assign a personnel to keep your display in order

Ask someone from your team to go and watch over your display. If you have a big jewelry shop, you can assign different people in various areas of your establishment. Assign them to assist customers, replenish display, pick up misplaced items and report damaged necklaces or bracelets.

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