Using Instagram to Promote Your Jewelry Business

Aside from Pinterest, Instagram is another great place to promote your jewelry business. The number of users of this photo sharing site has increased exponentially over the year and businesses are beginning to see its potential to establish brand and even increase sales. 

If you’re already familiar with Instagram, you must notice how people love seeing visually appealing contents on their feed. With its quick and easy photo editing functions, you can simply take a snapshot of your necklace display stand and post it on Instagram to capture the attention of your would be customers. As you gain more followers, the more people will notice your products. This is a great starting point to encourage them to buy on your online store or visit your physical store.

But how can you really create a photo that will encourage users to check out your products?

1. Give your business a face

Unlike Facebook, Instagram promotes a more intimate relationship among its users. On the first stage of launching your business on this photo sharing website, you can take the opportunity to introduce yourself as the store owner along with your staffs and other faces behind your business. This will help users to connect with you on a more personal level and will help them identify you against your competitors. 

2. Post behind the scene photos

Give your followers a sneak peek of how your products have come to be. This is most effective if you’re creating your own piece of jewelry. Give them an idea how you intricately create each piece or your inspiration in coming up with a certain design. If you’re not into creating a blog, Instagram can be the next best thing to connect with your audience. 

3. Offer exclusive promos and discounts

Shoppers love discounts. So if you’re looking for ways to Utilize Instagram to increase sales during important occasion like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day, then post it online. Create posters, teasers or short video about your necklace display and encourage people to share or like your posts. 

As the competition tightens up, it’s important to find different ways to promote your jewelry business. If you haven’t used Instagram yet, this is the best time to take out smart phones and take fun and creative photos of your jewelry inventory. You will be amazed at how it can help your business after just a couple of months.


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