Shopping with Confidence

In the midst of recent credit card information precautions due to incidents at major retailers Target and Michael’s, we find it necessary to address particular concerns regarding our own website’s security. Despite recent claims of subsequent charges stemming off of recent purchases from Nile Corp. we have taken proper measures regarding investigation and security to ensure that none of these claims have been directly correlated from shopping on our website.

Our Promise

Our IT team has ensured that we are PCI compliant on all levels. Our SSL encryption is 128 byte which makes it very difficult to break into. We have up to date certification from Trustwave, Site Lock, McAfee, Go Daddy SSL Certification, Business Consumer Alliance (BCA),, and Paypal.  You can click on the seal page to see all of our recent verifications and company information.

We want to ensure all of our valued customers that we greatly appreciate your business and that your order information is safe with us. We use and Paypal and do not store your credit card information on our website’s database. You can regularly visit our SSL open source and verify our security for your assurance.

How to Safely Shop Online

We’d like to take the time to educate our customers about shopping safely online. Before putting in your credit card information you should always make sure an online store is up to date on necessary certifications and anti-virus programs. A common mistake with the rise of online shopping is that consumers leave too much personal information on computers that are open to viruses. To avoid having this happen to you shop on secure websites only and thoroughly research the companies’ credentials. Pay with a credit card, which offers better protection than other forms of payment.

When entering a credit card ensure that you see a padlock symbol in the browser and that the latest version of your browser is on. Be sure to check the seller’s privacy policy to ensure your credit card information will not be stored or shared with affiliates.  We also recommend not making online purchases from a public or shared computer such as laptops and tablets that are using shared public wireless networks.

By taking these simple preliminary precautions you can help lessen the chance of putting yourself at risk from fraud online. We hope you can trust us as your first choice for earring display holders, necklace display busts and jewelry making supplies and continue to shop with confidence.


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