How to Maximize your Wall Space in a Jewelry Store

When retailers think of methods to efficiently maximize their space inside their store or booth they typically think about floor space. Wall space is of equal importance and should not be left alone. If you’re currently not optimizing vertical areas in your store, take advantage of wall mount fixtures and jewelry display stands to help boost your level of space and help give your store a more comprehensive total look.

You’ve hopefully taken the opportunity to examine how shelves can advance your store’s appearance and maximize space. We recommend something that is functional and still minimalistic so that it won’t overwhelm the rest of your space. Don’t forget that you can create your own shelving with acrylic displays, which will blend well on the wall.

Slatwall Displays

We recommend trying to incorporate slatwall displays. If you have more room and time for a more advanced level of shelving you can opt for the fixtures are usually available to customize with earring and necklace display mount cards that will For instance, boutique items can incorporate little glamorous details and customize your space.

Try Wall Décor

Wall décor is an amazing way to decorate your storefront and also put together the finishing touches on your space. This might include using paint in shades that compliment your existing display colors of store fixtures. We recommend using acrylic pieces so that they will tie in with whatever seasonal wall décor you may chose. 


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