How to Create a Winning Window Display for Valentine’s Day

Welcome to the first shopping holiday of 2014!

After everyone is done with the Christmas hangover, customers are now ready to shop for gift items to once again show their love for their romantic partners. And because jewelry business is one of the most profitable ventures during this season, your competitors are most likely to be well on their way on planning the best marketing strategy to capture the Valentine’s Day shoppers.


So how do you plan to engage seasonal customers? How can you convince them to step inside your store and purchase your products? One way to keep your business afloat this love fest is by creating a window display that can grab the attention of passersby and invite them to purchase jewelry from your vintage necklace display.

In today’s blog, we’re giving you some tips on how you can create a window display that can help drive foot traffic inside your store and leave a favorable impression about your brand.

1. Sit down and plan your strategy

A potential customer can instantly tell if you prepared well enough for this shopping holiday just by looking at your window display. So instead of just pulling off whatever you can, why not sit down, think and draw strategy to win the competition. Look for inspiration on creating a catchy window display over the internet or business magazines, and think how you can apply it to your business.


2. Look for unique materials

When creating a design for your window display, imagination is your only limit. If you’re thinking of just getting a table and scattering your jewelry on top of it, just forget it altogether. Go to a thrift shop, or engage yourself with DIY works. Don’t just fill your window display with red hearts and cupid’s arrow. Tell a story, deliver a message or create something interesting with your necklace display and you’re sure to win the hearts of your customers.

3. Highlight Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Men will be looking for engagement rings while ladies will be looking for accessories to fit their evening wear. Bring out the jewelry that your customers will need and display it in the most noticeable way. Highlight valentine’s ready jewelry on your window display to engage seasonal buyers. Use the right kind of lighting and utilize the space on your storefront to help you create the right display.

Valentine’s Day brings a lot of great opportunities for your business. Make the most out of this season by coming up with a window display that will tell more about your brand and your business.

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