Get Your Store Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away. For most this is a beloved holiday filled with romance, gifts, and love. For others regardless of personal feelings on the holiday, it’s an amazing opportunity for your wholesale jewelry store to gain new customers looking to buy their significant other a sentimental gift.  This Valentine’s Day give your customers something special with some of our fun ideas:

Sweet Something

You can incorporate baked goodies and candy into your packaging. You can tie a piece of candy onto the ribbons of gift-wrap or you can also add small candies to your product selection during this time. Display these items by the register or by unique jewelry displays such as necklace display stands and earring holders. For a fun spin on the idea you can use heart shaped bowls and baskets to display the candy and jewelry.

Have a Special Valentine’s Day Promotion

Everyone loves a good sale! This is true especially after the holidays when consumers are less eager to spend their money. On Valentine’s Day you can always hold a seasonal sale on heart shaped jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, or have a clearance area with older styles.

Remember by this time consumers are already thinking about spring merchandise and will be less eager to by winter styles. Hosting a clearance sale is a great way to get rid of last season’s collection.

Make it Festive

We suggest adding touches of the holiday inside your store earring display holders or jewelry booth. It doesn't have to be
over the top. Just a few pink or red touches will do. You can add fun decals of hearts, lips, and sayings. You can also drape gauze on tables for a feminine touch. Be creative with your display and let your jewelry creations shine!


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