Essential Tips for Selling Jewelry at Trade Shows

Getting it right at jewelry trade shows can open bigger opportunities for your jewelry business. Whether you’re a retailer or selling your handmade jewelry, it’s important to expose your brand to a bigger market by joining art shows and trade shows in your area.

Being a successful jewelry seller at trade shows takes a lot of hit and miss. From building up your jewelry display to making a profitable income, you will learn a lot of things that you can only get from experience. But when you finally figured out the rules of the trade, you can get the hang of things and enjoy the whole process.

Displaying Jewelry

One of the most important aspects of joining trade shows is your booth display. Creating an attractive display table drives customers in and keeps them interested in your products. Before joining any trade show, it’s best to research on different ways on how you can create a necklace display stand or earring display and how it can be used to.

Take into consideration the materials that you’re going to use in building up your display and how long will it take to have it completely ready for the show. For some jewelry seller, it can take up to 4 hours to have their booth ready, but as you get more experienced, you can eventually create a system that allows you to work more efficiently.

When thinking of items to bring in for the show resist the temptation to put everything on your table. What you can do is decide on your best product and highlight it your show. This way, customers can easily associate your brand to your jewelry leading a better brand recall.

Customer Service

As much as you can, it’s best to keep standing to greet people who come to visit your booth for the whole duration of the show. Your energy can easily be picked up by trade visitor and will make them feel more at ease to check out your products. Also learn how to handle rude customers as they are everywhere and should not affect you negatively.

Put labels and price tags on each of the items on your earring display holders to make it easier for your customer to go around your collection. You can also make your booth more recognizable by hanging the name of your business in front of your given space. Include an information card or leaflet with every purchase so they can easily check out your website or contact you in the future.

These simple things will surely help you have a more profitable day at any trade show you’re going to attend in the future.

image credit: kurtwendling | Flickr


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