Ways to a Winning Jewelry Window Display for the Holidays

Season’s Greetings! It’s the time of the year once again when gift-hunting and gift-giving are up in the air!

We all know that one of the most popular gifts for women during the holiday season is fashion accessories and jewelry. As store owners, how do you present your jewelry items in a way that can easily win the hearts of jewelry shoppers and uniquely capture the holiday spirit?

Simple – with your store window display.

A stunning jewelry display in your store can impress this season’s shoppers and set you apart from your competitors. Get rid of the cluttered, boring and poorly lit window display and invest your time and creativity to come up with a fabulous necklace display or ring display. This holiday, a lot of consumers will be on the look out for something that captures their attention. Having an impressive display is your key to winning everyone’s attention.

Tell a Story with Your Products

Instead of just going for something ready made, try to conceptualize a way to tell a story through your store window display. Start with a theme and work your way to send out a message to costumers. Transform your store into a snow covered forest or use popular holiday symbols like stars and Christmas trees to create a sentimental look. Decorate it using statement rings or beaded necklaces along with other ornaments to make things more interesting.

Play with lights

One thing amazing about the holiday season is how everything is covered in bright lights and glittery objects. Turn your usual necklace display into something dreamy and whimsical by using fluorescent spotlights or halogen spots to enhance the look of your display. You only have few seconds to capture the attention of the passersby and a good lighting is the key to get people step inside your store.

A big part of your costumers will do their shopping early in the afternoon until late in the evening. A bright window display can effectively drive more foot traffic. A well lit window display will also help you stand out against your competitors and can highlight your fashion jewelry more effectively.

Utilize the Space

Whether it’s a big window or a small store front, there is no reason for you to feel limited about your window display. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can come up with a way to display jewelry with the available space. Use jewelry boxes, racks, tables or cabinets or hang different lengths of necklaces for added appeal.

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