Prepping for the Holidays: Gift Wrap 101

The holidays are finally here! We probably all have so much packaging to do for our inventory at the store. Whether your a shopper on the prowl for gifts of a retailer showcasing the best gifts you will need the best gift wrap and gift bags for the holiday frenzy.  Here are a few simple ways to dress up window fronts to catch shoppers attentions during this hectic time of year, enjoy!

Place gift wrapped boxes in the windows for an added holiday touch. Don't skimp on decor for your window displays this time of year. Create a winter necklace display stand that compliments store fixtures and jewelry displays nicely. Incorporate a mirror for a fun effect that reflects all the holiday sparkles. You can try to use a white holly wrapping paper as a background or red shiny wrapping paper for a festive look.

Wrapping paper is a go to for holiday gifting, but it's not the only option for accentuating merchandise. You can also try festive gift boxes, bows, gift page, organza bags, and linen pouches. Add sparkling details to bags and displays with Swarovski rhinestones and decals.

Remember at the end of it all, the holiday season will soon come to an end. Make the most of this festive time to encourage shoppers to get into the holiday spirit by decorating your store front with novelty decor and offering festive gift wrap and bags. Happy Holidays!


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