New Years Jewelry Display Inspiration

It's the time of the year. Follow this new year inspired ideas and showcase your jewelry displays.

Christmas has now come to an end this year but just because the shopping frenzy is over doesn't mean you have to makeover your displays right away! Yes, it may be  time to take down Santa and Frosty the snowman until next December but we can help you make the transition quick and easy with some simple alternations. Like many jewelry retailers, you might be feeling exhausted by the prospect of doing any more decorating before the end of the year. If you're running low on ideas don't freak out because we have some fun ideas to get you through the remainder of winter!

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Don't immediately toss your Christmas props and hard work! Reorganize the store fixtures in your space to make it different while keeping the same festive decorations.
 Let's not forget New Years! If you're feeling ambitious about changing out decorations after Christmas, take advantage of this week to go all-out with dazzling details. Start with white carpeting in your storefront window, then pick out display fixtures that add a pop of color and contrast acrylic displays and risers.  Sparkling details like glittery decals, Swarovski crystals, and seed beads a dazzling touch of magical sparkle to your store. You can also keep the snowflakes and icicle lights from your Christmas display to make it a true winter wonderland look!

For a chic new years display, we recommend putting all of your best statement pieces out front and center! Shoppers always want to be the center of attention on New Year's eve with glamorous pieces. Feature jewelry with diamonds, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads, and diamante accents! Also choose chic packaging such as white and blue tissue paper, navy blue paper jewelry boxes, and craft gift bags and boxes! We have an amazing selection of gift wrap and gift boxes to help make the entire experience from display to purchase a wonderful winter experience for your customers!

Happy New Years from all of us at Nile Corp!


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