Display Ideas for Choker Necklaces

Looking for ideas on how you can display your jewelry? When it comes to creating a jewelry display, it’s best to put your items in a way that makes it more noticeable and visible to your customers. 

A carefully planned display allows each kind of jewelry to shine based on its own characteristics and uniqueness. Understanding how it works will not only help you create a stunning necklace display stands, but it will also make shopping easier for jewelry shoppers. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to give you some tips on how you can display choker necklaces in your jewelry store. Choker length necklace is usually 14 to 16 inches long and fit loosely around the neck below the clavicle. Because of its unique design and structure, some jewelry sellers find it extra challenging to display chokers along with other items in their store.


Here are some jewelry display tricks to help you showcase chokers better.

1. Necklace Stand

When picking the right necklace stand for your items, pick the one that has longer neck to give more room for thick chokers. Black necklace stand add a dash of elegance to expensive jewelry while white necklace stand creates a soft and feminine look to necklaces. 

2. Slatwall Bust Display
slat-wall-bust-displayIf you want to maximize space, you can make use of slatwall bust display to hang choker necklace. It’s a great way to highlight the design of your jewelry by putting it on the eye level of the jewelry shoppers. Use different jewelry pieces with vibrant and bright colors to make it look more inviting and catchy. 

3. Durable Plastic Figurine Neck Display

For that more sophisticated look, why not use necklace display bust? It is suited for bigger and bolder choker necklace and can even make more room for styling options. Create a fashion forward look by displaying it with matching earrings, bracelets or rings. Put it as a center of your display table to invite more customers to come over your store. 

Whether you’re joining a trade fair or just thinking of a new way to display choker necklace in your store, it’s nice to be creative in displaying your items. A colorful jewelry display will surely bring in more customers and will encourage them to check your offerings the next time they drop by the area.  


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