Create a Visually Appealing Multi-Strand Necklace Display!

When it comes to jewelry business, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of incorporating the hottest jewelry trends in creating a stunning necklace display stand. From using the trendiest jewelry pieces to adopting various materials, you can surely create a jewelry display that can set you apart from other jewelry stores.


One of this year’s hottest trends when it comes to jewelry fashion is wearing multiple necklaces to spice up a simple outfit. This fashion trend highlights the bold and exciting ways of mixing and matching different types of necklaces. For fashion forward ladies, multiple strands help create a fashion statement that easily draws the attention of everyone.

Show off your styling expertise by creating a visually appealing multi strand necklace display! Just remember the rules of wearing multiple necklaces and apply it on your display. Want some tips on how to do it?

Here are some quick tips to Display Multiple Necklaces

  • Layer different Metal Jewelry


One of the traditional rules in wearing jewelry is wearing a single type of metal throughout your outfit. Fortunately, we can now mix and match different gold necklaces to silver or even bronze necklaces. The warm and classic look of gold plays well with the cool and easy silver, creating a delicious flavor that is pleasing to the eye.

  • Use all things bright and colorful

Display your jewelry like the way you want to wear it – fun, fabulous and enchanting. Discover your own way of mixing the energetic colors of emerald, aquamarine, coral, or cayenne. This style will help create a lively vibe in your store and will draw the attention of the ladies towards your necklace display.

  • Enjoy a mix of different size and textures


Use different sizes of pearls, from small and meek to big and bold sizes, to add volume and style to your jewelry display. Suggest different ways to wear multi strand necklace through your display and encourage shoppers to try the same. You will be surprised about the way they come up with their own style using your jewelry. Trust them to spread the word about your store and watch them come back for more.

Don’t just settle with the traditional way of displayingjewelry. The trends are changing and your customers will surely be looking for more. Keep them interested by incorporating different trends to your everyday necklace display.


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