The Colors You Choose For Your Jewelry Display Can Affect Your Sales

With today’s tough business competition, it’s highly important for retailers to understand the art of persuasion and the factors that affect shopper’s behavior. Though there are a lot of factors that can influence consumers, their first impression are mostly driven by the colors they see in your store and in your brand in general.

While color trends may change depending on the season, color psychology doesn’t. If you’re planning to redecorate your jewelry store or recreate your store’s necklace display stands, you should be aware that consumers regard the color you use as a significant factor in their decision to buy.

Color and its Impact to Consumers

A comprehensive infographic by Kissmetrics shows in great detail how colors can influence your consumer’s purchase. It shows how you can use colors to attract different types of buyers.

Red, black and royal blue draws the attention of impulse buyers that it is appropriately used in clearance sale or when introducing a new line of jewelry in your store. Black is also used to market luxury products so if you’re selling expensive jewelry, you can use a black necklace display or black ring holders to highlight jewelry and accessories.

Similarly, navy blue and teal draws the attention of budget shoppers and can be used if you are selling jewelry in bulk discounts. Blue is also known to increase the sensation of trust and security. It can be used in decorating wholesale jewelry stores and large department stores.

Clothing stores, fashion boutiques, jewelry stores and shoe outlets use pink, rose and light blue to market products to women and young girls. These colors often bring out the romantic side of the consumers and appeal to the emotions of the shoppers.

Color Association

It is common for people to associate the colors they see everyday to specific ideas, memories or feelings. This idea can also be used to enhance your jewelry display. Use different colors that are closely associated with the season like orange, red maple, and brown for fall; and blue and white for winter season. If you are selling environment friendly jewelry, use a necklace holder with a touch of green and yellow for a more natural effect.

While it’s great to use different colors in your store earring  display holders and jewelry stands, it’s also best to consider how it goes well with your brand. Consistency in the colors you use from your jewelry display, to your packaging and store interior can help in increasing brand recall.


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