Pendants and Necklaces: A Perfect Match

To paraphrase what a famous song pronounces: “Diamonds are girls’ best friends.” But it does not mean that it won’t betray you. Not all necklaces, whether it is made of diamonds or pearls, can always be worn in any occasion. Besides, a necklace display stand is perfect not because of its cost but because it brings elegance or at least balance to what a woman wears. For men who need help in buying a need help in choosing the right necklace and pendant for their special lady, worry no more because here are some things to remember when choosing the perfect match of pendant and necklace:

Types of Necklaces

Metal chains
You can never go wrong with metal chains. A platinum chain in a choker length is good enough to bring elegance. Consider an 18-inch sterling silver or 18 k gold chain.

Gem necklace
Usually, the most expensive way of having a necklace display is when it is made out of gem stones or diamonds. If you cannot afford a diamond necklace, try to buy a pendant instead to suspend from a chain.

Pearl strands
Any woman wearing a cocktail dress can have a classy look with a pearl strand necklace.

Choosing the Length of Your Necklace

  • You must always consider the length of the necklace since it will determine where the necklace displays itself on your chest.
  • Choker length: This one is just above the collarbones. It emphasizes necklines. If you are wearing a dress with small neckline, this length is a good choice.
  • Princess length: over the collarbones. This is the most common necklace length. It can go with any dress.
  • Opera length: Over the blouse or dress. It provides drama and sophistication to your outfit. 
Now you know some tips on choosing the perfect combinations on your necklace display. If you are new to choosing necklaces and pendants, know that some women start out with fake pearls. Try gifting your friend with a strand of freshwater pearls which are actually cheap. For special occasions like wedding anniversaries, buy a solitaire pendant with a pearl or diamond. If you just want to surprise someone special with a gift, a metal necklace with small pendant is good enough. Besides, it is the thought that counts, not the cost. 


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