Gold Earring Talk

Gold is definitely the choice when it comes to jewelry material.  Throughout the centuries, gold has become a standard, not just in the world of anything that glitters, but also in the worlds of business and finance. This is why gold jewelry has also been a very popular instrument when it comes to investing. Those who choose to invest their money in jewelry know the importance of the carat of the gold jewelry that they buy.

This is why most of those who invest in jewelry prefer the 22K to 24K jewelry pieces.  Those that have an earring display holders with the higher carats of gold are sure to be always visited by investors and fashionable women alike. We also know that there are different kinds of gold that are available in the market, depending on where they have been sourced.

Different Kinds of Gold in the market

  • Italian Gold

This is generally 14K in rating, which means it contains around 58.5% pure gold.  Its 18K variety would mean it contains 75% gold. It has a reddish hue particularly because of the alloy that is added to it.  It is the copper that gives it its distinct color.

  • Chinese Gold

It has a high karat value, usually at 22K, which means it is 91.7% gold. It is closer to the gold color that we know because of the zinc that is present to the alloy that is added to it. Most of the people who invest in jewelry prefer to purchase jewelry with this kind of gold.

  • Saudi Gold

This has a higher karat compared to the other two.  It has a deeper and darker gold color because most of the jewelry made of this kind of gold is rated 24 karats, or the type that contains almost pure gold.

It really depends on the design and usage which to choose.  High karat level gold is best saved for special occasions, like engagement or wedding rings. For daily use like earrings, get one from the earring display that has lower karat value. Gold that has lower karat value is sturdier as well, as the purer the gold is, the more malleable it actually is, which is why you may remember old people take a bit of gold to see if it is tough or "chewy."

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