Gold By Any Other Name...

Unbeknownst to many people, each golden jewelry piece is not made with the same metal. Knowing the different metals will help you choose the best gold jewelry piece for your earring holders or necklace display stand. Each metal has a unique quality, so always think twice when buying a jewelry piece. The most common types of metals used to make jewelry are platinum, titanium, silver and stainless steel. Of course, the most popular among them is gold. Sometimes, metals like rhodium and palladium are used to make jewelry.

Different kinds of gold used by jewelers:

Yellow Gold
If you want the familiar color of gold, then yellow gold is for you. This is the natural shade of the much-beloved metal. It is also the most common gold used to make necklaces and bracelets. It is usually alloyed with copper and silver to strengthen its durability. Moreover, with yellow gold, you can wear any outfit, and it does not fit any skin or body type. It can also complement any gem stone. However, not all yellow gold have the same “yellow-ness.” The more gold a yellow gold necklace has, the brighter its color is. If you want deeper yellow, then choose a necklace with fewer karats.

White Gold
If you want to look cool or contemporary, then you should buy white gold jewelry, which is a fad nowadays. In terms of properties, white gold is the same with yellow gold, but the alloys are different so that it will be white. Instead of copper and silver in yellow gold, white gold is alloyed with nickel (palladium alloy), zinc and copper. A white gold necklace is sometimes plated with rhodium, which enhances its whiteness. White gold chains are perfect for diamond pendants.

Rose Gold
Want a pinkish necklace display? Then you will rose gold. This kind of gold is made by adding copper to yellow cold to attain its famous pink color. This kind of gold, when worn, makes the skin looks soft.

Green Gold
Green gold is made with alloys silver, copper and zinc to yellow gold. Unlike the other three kinds of gold, this one is a bit harder to pair with clothes due to its limiting color.

Some Tips Before You Go

If you want to retain the classic look of yellow gold but still want to look modern, then wear a combination of white and yellow gold within the same necklace display. This is very fashionable nowadays that brides love to wear this kind of necklace on their wedding day. Also try wearing three colors of gold, especially yellow, rose and green. Who knows, you might start an awesome elegant look or trend.


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