Affordable Ways of Necklace Care

Many people cannot afford to buy new necklaces that they wear the same necklace and not be able to put it back on their necklace display. However, it is inevitable that you might break your necklace someday. How can you avoid breaking your necklace display stand? Here are some tips on how you can take care of your necklace in affordable ways.

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How to Take Care of Your Necklace

You have to avoid some things to ensure that you can enjoy your necklace for a long time. For example, never use chemicals. Some everyday chemicals can destroy gold and silver. In other words, not all cleaning jewelry products are good for cleaning necklaces. Sometimes, they take away the natural sheen of your necklace when used improperly.

There are times when chemical reactions happen when you clean your necklace. So make sure that you remove your necklace when you take a shower, clean the house, apply makeup, lotion, hairspray or even perfume.

Moreover, chlorine has effects on the color of your jewelries especially gold ones. Make sure that you remove your jewelry before going to swim or taking a shower, or even taking a dip in hot tub. Put it back on a necklace display first. Moreover, if you are about to go to sleep, make sure that you remove your jewelry, because you might accidentally break it when it clings to the fabric of your clothes or bed sheet.

Even a good silver necklace may tarnish someday. You should take care of your necklaces now and you will save a lot of money later on. When you clean your necklaces on your necklace display, clean away the fingerprints and tarnish it with a cleaning cloth regularly. Remove oils and dirt. Use a small amount of liquid soap with warm water for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry it completely.

When your necklace tarnishes, clean it with a silver polisher. Use a well-known care product, at least you know that it has been tried and tested by many. Besides, there are products that may cause scratching. Be careful in choosing cleaning products.


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