What Necklaces to Wear on Social Occasions

Dressing up when going out is a normal occurrence for women.  The last thing a woman wants is to be seen looking like drab when going out.   This is especially true if you have just something simple to wear or something in monochrome.  What better way to jazz up an outfit than to add some sparkle to it with something g on your neck?   This is why accessories are an important part of a woman’s fashion arsenal.  These jewelry pieces found on jewelry and necklace display sections of the store are favorite places of women to visit.

Credit: She Knows
Social events are perfect occasions for women to dress up and show off their jewelry.  This is the best time to bring out the long chains from the necklace display at home and show-off.  Pearl strands are best to use when on formal occasions.  When going on a night outs, you can wear those big statement necklaces as this is perfect to use with off-shoulder and tube outfits. For dainty dresses, simple chains made of gold or silver with small to medium sized pendants are perfect for afternoon cocktails.  It really depends on the outfit that you are wearing as to what necklace should be worn.

Other pieces you can consider are bib necklaces as well as necklaces made of natural materials.  Just remember, bib necklaces are perfect for those outfits with simple necklines. Having bib necklaces while you are wearing clothes with busy necklines like draped collars would be too much, and would even make you look like a fashion victim. That would be too much going on, so it is advised to keep it simple with the clothes if you want to wear something dramatic with a piece such as a bib necklace. But that being said, bib necklaces and pieces made of natural materials are perfect for simple social occasions that you have to attend. 

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This is the reason why it is important to start collectingvarious necklaces.  Check out the items on necklace displays as you may see something that you can use in your future social events. It can level up the look of your outfit. Accessorizing is a way of life for fashionable women who are often seen around.


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