The Case for Necklace Display Busts

Credits: Nile Corp.
If you own a jewelry store, chances are you know the importance of having the right display cases.  Cases like necklace display, earrings racks, and bracelet displays, among others are essential in your pursuit of selling more jewelry and in turn, increase your sales. These items help in showcasing the best items that you have in store for the customers, as they can easily see the items if they are placed in these jewelry displays.
There are a lot of display cases that you can utilize.  They are made of different materials, which means you can customize your display depending on your theme.  The kind of display case that you use for your necklace also depends on how you want to display your necklace pieces. You can be creative as you want to be. 

For example, necklace busts some of the more common ones that you see in jewelry stores.  A necklace bust is usually covered with velvet cloth to protect the necklace from getting scratched.  This is a nice way of displaying a necklace as the details of the workmanship can be easily inspected without having to touch the piece. Moreover, since the bust resembles someone actually wearing the necklace, the person looking at it would be able to see how the jewelry piece “falls” – how long or short it is and how “heavy” or “light” it is in terms of the design details. When using a necklace rack or a necklace case to display your jewelry pieces, your customers may view the pieces as flat, since they are just placed in the shelf of the rack or case. When a necklace is “worn” by a bust, it is easier to paint a mental picture of how the necklace looks when it is actually worn.

Credits: Stella Hodge Blog
You can easily make your own display bust with just a few materials like thick cardboard box and cutter.  There are a lot of instructions online on how to go about making this. You can customize it by covering it with the cloth of your choice.

It is really important to make a necklace display that is eye-catching as this will catch the attention of your buyers.  This will help you increase your store sales.  For ready made necklace display cases  that pack a punch, have a look at available models in Nile Corp’s extensive selection.


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