Sterling Silver or White Gold?

Investing in jewelry is one act that a woman can make without any regrets.  Who would when you can use your investment and enjoy it while it is still in your possession? This tangible thing is one investment that you can clearly enjoy using.  So when you see your wife or girlfriend checking out those in the necklace display area of the store, do not be worried as she is thinking of what to invest in.

Most of the people who invest in jewelry prefer to purchase those that have metallic settings or those with precious stones. The common ones are white gold and sterling silver.  These two are always mistaken one for the other.   White gold is an alloy which is a mixture of gold and another precious metal. The addition of the other metal takes away the yellowish tint that gold is known for.  Sterling silver on the other hand is a different metal and is considered to be the highest grade of silver.

  • Both sterling silver and white gold have the same tint of shiny white metallic surface. Because of this sheen, they also look similar to platinum, and the color makes them look sophisticated and 
  •  Both are considered precious metals, and thus their prices make them very good investments, aside from looking great too.
  • Both sterling silver and white gold are commonly used for jewelry pieces like rings, necklaces, and pendants.
  • Obviously, they are different metals. Sterling silver tends to tarnish faster than white gold.
  • They have different values as gold is more expensive than silver. Thus, white gold is still more expensive than silver.
  • Sterling silver can be used in other items like pill boxes, jewelry boxes and napkin rings, something that white gold would also could be used for, but would be more impractical since it is expensive.
Depending on the budget, one can choose between a necklace display with white gold or sterling silver.   
They both look good especially when the craftsmanship is superb.


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