Necklace Display on a Budget

Keeping our jewelry neatly arranged can sometimes be hard to do.  After a tiring day, we just put away our earrings, bracelets, watch and necklace on top of the dresser where we can easily find it the next day. Sometimes, when someone (a hired cleaner, for example) does a little rearranging to keep our dressers tidy, we even get a bit irritated, because most of us want to find our stuff exactly where we last left them; a sense of order amid the chaos that only we can understand. Like our closets, our jewelry displays get emptied with all our pieces scattered just about everywhere. However, we do not know that this can ruin our jewelry pieces because it can get scratched and eventually get lost as it can fall down from the dresser without us knowing it.

Having a jewelry keeper can be helpful in keeping your things in order.  You need not buy expensive display cases like those jewelry stores use to showcase their products.  This will be impractical especially if you already have quite a number to your collection.  This would mean buying a lot and spending to have your pieces organized.

If you are in a budget, you can easily get necklace display stand that is cheap and affordable.  You can reuse some old stuff in your house.  Aside from helping the environment as you are lessening the trash you make, you also help your household budget by not spending.  You can get small s-hooks and hook one side on the side of your dresser and use the other end to hang your necklaces.  There are also tutorials online that you can check out for some make your own neck bust using thick craft boards. 

You just need to squeeze out the creativity juices from your brain. When there is a need to spend less, you will surprise yourself with the kind of things that you can do. This includes jewelry and necklace displays. They do not need to be expensive to properly store your pieces. However, the question is, are you really going to use it? Make it a habit to put all your pieces in the display after using them, not just leave them on top of your dresser or the sink.  You’ll be glad you did.


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