How to Maximize Your Jewelry Display

In the world of jewelry displays, there is always room for improvement. We've seen tons of great jewelry displays over the years and decided to share some of best insider secrets to improve your displays at trade shows and store fronts. Enjoy!

  1. Place unique and eye catching displays were your shoppers tend to linger such as by the cash wrap area.
  2. Try not to make the display very overwhelming. Finding the right balance of neat and interesting can sometimes be a challenge but it's important to make the right first impression for a potential customer. Use T-bar displays to showcase new bracelets in a trendy color scheme.
  3. Showcase multiples for added impact. Since jewelry tends to be smaller in scale, you can make a more effective display is you incorporate similar bracelets or other jewelry items in the same display.
  4. Mix in props. Props are great to help you convey an overall theme. Try going for a vintage inspired look with perfume bottles, pendants, or sparkles.
  5. Put your best sellers forward. If you have a few amazing statement pieces you should display those in the center of your display to help attract people to your booth.
  6. Coordinate your signage to match your display. Your logo and signage if your brand's identity. Help define who you are in the mind's of a customer with unforgettable signage and banners.


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