Halloween Jewelry Display: Jewelry Tree

This Halloween, give your booth or jewelry store a "spooktacular" display by incorporating one of our wire tree jewelry displays with some Halloween extras for a festive. fun look!

We got inspired from a home decor idea of a clever halloween inspired christmas tree and through it would be a neat idea for a jewelry display too!

The Inspiration:

Our version is taking a practical tree shaped jewelry stand and adding extras to make it appropriate for the holiday. This is a great way to tie in your fall jewelry pieces with a Halloween look.
You can hang your Halloween colored jewelry pieces from the branches and arrange the branches in a way that will add character and style to your display.

The Jewelry Trees:

We recommend using fall elements to tie in the tree to your display as a whole. Feathers, twine, leaves, and pumpkin colored Swarovski crystals are a perfect fit. You can also get creative with acrylic paint and paint your wire tree metallic shades. This idea is a fun way to display your Halloween jewelry and you can also reuse the display to display future holiday jewelry as well!


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