Going for Beaded

Necklaces are one go-to accessory that you must have in your jewelry collection.  It can easily dress up an otherwise plain-looking outfit.  You can easily mix and match it with other pieces as well as use it with any outfit that you have.  Those pieces that you see in the necklace display section of your favorite store should be given a chance to be worn.

Beaded necklaces are very versatile.  You can wear them in different lengths and there would be no problem layering them as each piece can stand out.  Another great thing about beaded necklaces is that they are easy to maintain.  You just have to wipe them out with a clean cloth before storing them back to the hanging racks so that they will maintain their color. Alas, beaded necklaces have a certain elegance and sophistication and yet maintain a certain simplicity, depending on the material the beads are made of.

Credits: Style Bistro

For all of you fans of beaded necklaces, here are some tips in wearing this necklace piece:

·        Match the size of the beads with the body size of the one who will wear it so that it will be proportional looking. It is best to match small beads with someone who is petite so that it item won’t look heavy. Pieces with small beads worn by someone who's tall and curvy may make the necklace look like a choker. On the other hand, if a necklace with large beads is worn by a woman with a small stature, the necklace might look like it swallows it wearer.

Credits: Loving Africa
·        Make sure that the length will be proportional to the neckline. Long beaded necklaces can be used and would look better with outfits that have plunging necklines.

·        Colors to use will depend on the color of the outfit depending if you want it to match or be in contrast.

·       Be wary of the weight of the necklace so as not to tire your neck. Some layered beaded necklaces can weigh so much that they can actually cause discomfort to the poor wearer. 

·        Do not be afraid to experiment with the various shapes of the beads that you see in the necklace display section.


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