What are "Statement Necklaces"?

Fashion plays a big role in women’s lives nowadays. It is important to look good before stepping out of the house even if one goes out just for a few personal errands.  You will never know who you will be meeting in town so it is best to look good.  Also, it makes one feel more confident if you know that you are dressed well and fashionable.  This is the reason why fashion magazines are making a kill and is considered to be a big industry in the world of fashion. This is where you can see the trending pieces in dresses and accessories.

You can see an array of necklace display mannequins which showcases the latest designs that are notable as well as affordable.If you go to your favorite ladies fashion and jewelry section, you will see various necklace display cases with different designs of statement necklaces.  This is considered to be the trending fashion jewelry of the season. You see celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Rihanna, Emma Stone and even Michelle Obama rock the red carpet with their gorgeous outfits accessorized with an eye-catching statement necklace.

So what makes a statement necklace?

  • Chunky 

Most statement necklaces that you see are “chunky” meaning they are made up of large pieces of jewelry material pieced together to form one eye-catching piece of a necklace.

  • Bulky

 These pieces are considered bulky as they are huge pieces worn around the neck. You would need a special necklace display case where you can store it so it will not get ruined or scratch because if not, you can run the risk of ruining your statement necklace.  The size is also emphasized as it is usually worn with the hair up in a bun to make sure that the beauty of the necklace is seen.

  • Also called “bib necklace” 

This is another term for statement necklace.  This is called “bib necklace” is because the size itself covers a huge area of the neckline making one looking like she is wearing a bib similar to that of a baby.


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