Wearing Big and Chunky Necklaces

Wearing big and chunky necklaces are on the rage nowadays. Models in pictorials for fashion spreads and magazines are wearing these kinds of accessories. When you watch the red carpet shows, you can also see movie stars and notable personalities wearing this kind of accessory.  This is the trending fashion accessory as of today.  Necklace display areas of your favorite mall have a lot of it, so this is the best place to go to.

Wearing big jewelry is indeed a big leap if you are used to wearing dainty pieces. It can make a bold statement to any outfit. First timers have a hard time wearing these big pieces for the fear of looking awkward.  Here are some tips you would like to keep in mind when you want to go with the trend of wearing big and chunky necklaces.  This is a must for first time wearers and users.

  • Go for the neutral colors first – It is best to go for the simple one-color necklaces. This will help you ease out in wearing big necklaces.  This will also help you to get used to the weight as well as the size of these kinds of necklaces.  The necklace display section of the accessories department of the mall would have a lot of these kinds to help you out.
  • Contrasting color go best together – Make your necklace color a contrast of the color of your outfit for it to stand out. If you want to make a statement with the help of this accessory, this will be your best bet.
  • Use less of the other pieces – If you are wearing a big necklace, then your other jewelry pieces should be simple in design so that it will not clash.  This will help the onlookers focus on only one piece of the accessory.  This will also make your outfit look united. You can wear simple stud earrings from your rotating earring display.
  • Be aware of the neckline of the outfit – Big necklaces are best worn with high cut but low collared shirts or shirts that show a lot of the neckline.  Strapless dresses also go best with these kinds of necklaces. 


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