Famous Jewelry Pieces in the Movies

Jewelry pieces in movies are something that people look forward to seeing.  These pieces is included in the production of the whole movie upon which some people judge to say if the movie is indeed great, good or bad.  Some movies can even have their storylines revolve around a particular piece of jewelry, like the movie The Girl With a Pearl Earring. Now, that’s one important piece of jewelry, that it inspired a painting, a book, and the movie! If you check out necklace display sections, you will see some pieces that are replicas of movie jewelries.

photo credit: The Daily Norm
There are some jewelry designers that have made themselves famous because of the pieces they designed for a particular movie.  There are also who make money out of these jewelry pieces by creating something that is inspired by pieces seen from movies.  One of the most replicated pieces that came from a movie is the Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace which was worn by the character Rose, played by Kate Winslet, in one of the most controversial scenes of the movie Titanic. This is one scene that has been imprinted in the minds of the moviegoers and that scene would not have an impact if not for the jewelry she wore.  After all, Rose asked Jack, the character played by Leonardo di Caprio, to draw her wearing only the necklace, and nothing else!

Heart of the Ocean necklace
photo credit: Kit and Kaboodle
Another famous jewelry piece in the movies is the gold medallion from the Pirates of the Caribbean. The medallion is actually William Turner’s (the pirate played by Orlando Bloom) before Elizabeth Swann (played by Kiera Knightley) got it from him while he was unconsciously drifting in the ocean when they were young. That’s one memorable pendant with a skull design!

Of course, for Twi-hards, there’s always the engagement ring given to Bella in the Twilight Saga series. The ring itself is silver, and is set with 20 diamonds, each at 0.5 carats!

The production design of movies becomes more famous because of these jewelry pieces shown on the screen.  If you see a piece of your movie or design set come to life by replicas hanging on the necklace display area of the store, then you can say that you have made an impact and your work will forever be remembered. 


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