Suggestions for Displaying Jewelry Privately

Keeping your jewelry is an important consideration if you want to maintain its shine and luster. You need to take care of your jewelry pieces so that they could maintain their value and be safe from incidences of scratching and damage, which can decrease their worth. Placing them in jewelry boxes is the most common thing that women do to keep their jewelry safe and intact. Keeping the jewelry pieces in boxes help in keeping the pieces free from dust and other irritants that can cause damage.

If you want to start to display your jewelry, then you can buy boxes that are made of acrylic.   These acrylic jewelry boxes are nice to have because you can show off your jewelry without having to sacrifice the pieces.  They are kept safe inside the box and there would be no worries about dust gathering on the pieces.  The pieces can be easily seen with the see-through translucent property of the acrylic box. You can get those boxes with dividers so that the pieces can be arranged properly.  There are also acrylic necklace display cases for your long chains.

Private Necklace Display
image credit: International Business Times
Other jewelry display ideas include a mesh frame for your earring pairs.  Using a mesh frame for your earrings allow them to be delicately protected without the risk of scratching their surfaces and damaging their closures and hooks, at the same time make it easy to see them.

There are also necklace display hangers for your necklaces and acrylic earring holders for your precious pearl earrings.  You can place them on your dresser for easy access.   Try to go for hangers that are made of smooth materials or have velvet fabric linings. Stay away from displays made of materials that can be easily splinter or floss, as the material may scratch and eventually damage whatever piece it holds.

Having an organized home is what every woman aims to have. These helpful suggestions can ease the burden of keeping your jewelry organized and arranged.  Organizing your jewelry can also help you check for pieces that are not used. You can decide on what to do with those pieces.   An organized home makes it a better place to live in. 


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