Jewelry Display Ideas for Home

Over the years you collect tons of jewelry. Some of it valuable, some of it keepsake items, and some of it inexpensive costume jewelry. Nonetheless, after awhile it becomes hard to organize, store and display your earring, necklaces, watches, and other precious stones without it getting tangled and misplaced. When stashed away in drawers, it can also be forgotten. Have you ever purchased a pair of earrings, only to find a similar pair tucked away in a forgotten drawer? I think many of us have had this happen to us at least once in our lives.

We use jewelry to adorn our outfits and bring life to our wardrobes..why not do the same in using it to dress up our homes?

 Below are some fun ideas to turn your favorite trinkets into beautifully organized displays for your home.



1. Group fancy pieces together on a tray for a designer inspired look. If you have strands of pearls, gold chains, and cocktail rings, group harmonious shades together for a high-end feel.

2. You can incorporate gemstones and minerals onto your end tables where you keep your reading light. It gives a nice touch of sparkle.

3. Dress up a gourd lamp with some pretty beaded necklaces for a fun, quirky look.

4. Dedicate an entire wall to necklaces! Find fancy knobs, vintage hooks and and wooden racks to create a unique arrangement.

5. Make a lavish bulletin board with designer fabric and silk ribbons. Hang your favorite jewelry on tacks or push pins.

6. If you have a drawer with a glass top you can invest in some pretty necklace display stands, earring holders and make your dresser look like a store jewelry case! Add lighting inside for an extra luxurious feel.


Whatever you decide to do for your home jewelry displays, have fun with it! Be creative and let your jewelry and baubles enhance the beauty of your home. Send us your home jewelry display ideas! We'd love to feature it on our Facebook page!

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