Integrating Fall Colors in Your Jewelry

Jewelry is one fashion accessory that should never be eliminated from a woman’s arsenal.  It can add some oomph to an otherwise plain looking outfit.  It can also add a pop of color which can be really pleasing to the eyes and catch the attention of onlookers.  Fashion forecasters are predicting that big and bold accessories are still going to dominate the season.  You can see if from the displays in department stores and jewelry stores that necklace display areas and even bracelets and rings features those big and chunky pieces that you see nowadays.  These designs are predicted to continue on to the next season.


Vibrant colors are still the fashion trends to date.  This will also extend to jewelry and accessories.  Jewelry of different materials like precious stones, metals, plastic, glass ceramic and wood are still going to be hot for the fashion conscious people.  This is great because this means you can get pieces that are affordable because of the many options for the materials that are available.  Necklace display sections of malls and department stores are brimming with different designs made of different materials.


  • This season makes the people more connected to earth colors especially with the brown tones that are becoming more dominant even in nature.  It is easy to incorporate these colors in your jewelry collection.
  • The fall season is usually dominated by earthy colors – Materials with colors like brown, yellow, and orange tones are best used. There are also some in green and blue hues. 
  • Boho and tribal-inspired jewelry – The jewelry of this theme is perfect for fall.  Wooden pieces with eccentric designs and prints are the common ones you see for this kind of jewelry.  Bangles are also easy to spot as animal prints can easily be replicated in this kind of jewelry.
  • Semi-precious stones are also a hit – Semi-precious stones like turquoise are also a hit during the fall because of its. Color.  It can easily provide a pop of color in an outfit that makes it stand out.  Rose quartz and those with old rose color can also be utilized.


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