Tips for a Successful Art Show

Once you find a craft show and your application gets approved, you need to start preparing for it right away. The more thought and time you put into it, the more prepared and successful you’ll be at the event. Make lots of stuff. 

The more you make, the more variety you’ll be able to offer to customers. People have different tastes, and sometimes what you thought would be a best-seller ends up not being noticed as much, but other items seem to be more attractive to buyers. Of course, you don’t have to have every single item on your table because you don’t want to make your necklace display stands, earring holders or jewelry boxes look too crowded, but you can experiment with placement and products. 

You’ll be surprised how many of them have a shop on Etsy, so you can keep in touch and maybe even find products you’d like to buy! A fun thing to do at craft shows is trade some of your items for somebody else’s products Try to give your table a sense of your products and style. Cover it with a nice table cloth. Depending on what you’re selling, the color/pattern might play an important role, but for jewelry I like to choose a neutral color. I’ve heard some people bring flowers to decorate the table, so feel free to do that if you think it fits your theme. Create a banner for your business and attach it to the front hanging part of your table cloth, or maybe have an easel with a poster right next to your table.

Think of creative ways to display your items. You can reuse something from your house or the local thrift store. You can purchase inexpensive jewelry displays on

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Be friendly and approachable! Smile! Don’t sit, be up and visible, ready to answer questions or explain your product (if they seem to be looking and interested). Make sure people know they can touch and try things on, even if they don’t end up buying anything. If you’re selling jewelry, have a mirror at your table, so that people can see how it looks. Know your product and try to make it personal – tell people how you made it, what materials you used and some interesting fact about the supplies or the process behind making it – something they can relate to.  If possible, bring your tools and create things while you’re at your table. People will see you making things on the spot and will be more interested to see your final products and respect your work. Tell your friends and family about the show. They are your biggest fans and supporters, and you never know what word of mouth can do! 

Last but not least, have fun and come with an enthusiastic attitude. Remember you are representing your products and brand. Be the life of the party and let your charm exude through your amazing jewelry displays!


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