The Right Occasion for Pearls

Social gatherings are one of the occasions where you can best show off your personal jewelry collection.  Everyone is dressed up to the nines with all the glittering jewelry and accessories and women in beautiful gowns and made up faces and men in their spiffy suits. Everyone is dressed for the occasion.  Different kind of jewelry made of different stones and metals are found hanging on earlobes, necks and wrists of the women.  The women become a necklace display of striking jewelry some of which can only be found in jewelry shops.

When it comes to formal occasions, a lot of women prefer to use pearls as an accessory to their already head turning gowns.  It gives off a sense of old-world charm which translates to having innate elegance and class. Women who would like to downplay the opulence of the occasion usually use pearls because it is not as loud or as flashy like a woman who has a diamond necklace display but still says a lot about her stature in life.  This minimalist rule in dressing up during an event says a lot about the person’s character and personality.



This is one occasion wherein the bride should be the focal point and the star of the show.  Wearing a huge bling-bling could take away the spot from the bride.  You would not want the people’s attention to turn to you instead of the bride.

Formal Events 


This is one place where you can show off your pearl jewelry without being the center of attraction.  Other women would surely be doing the same thing.   Long pearl strands would look classy and elegant for occasions like this.

Everyday Wear 


This might sound like one is going overboard but you can certainly wear your pearls even when going to the office. A simple pearl necklace or a pair of pearl stud earrings would make you look professional and in command of authority.  Just make sure to use only either so that you won’t be labeled as someone overdressed for a day in the office. 

Just make sure you take care of your pearl jewelry as it needs a lot of TLC compared to other kinds of jewelry.   Keeping the necklaces in necklace display cases is one or keeping them wrapped in a soft cloth are some of the ways to do this. 


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