The 3 Most Expensive Necklaces in the World

Jewelry is one accessory that a woman should have.  It adds pizzazz and oomph to a woman’s look, be it for a formal or casual occasion.  It can spell class and sophistication.  The jewelry that one wears says a lot about how a woman carries herself as well as her personality.  It also says what the woman feels that day.  This is why there are a lot of jewelry stores that abound because even though these items are expensive, women are willing to buy them.  Jewelry stores that have great necklace display cases are favorite places to visit. 

Jewelry is expensive. Although there are pieces that can be affordable, it is nice to look at jewelry pieces whose prices are stratospheric.  It does not hurt to dream once in a while.  These expensive jewelry pieces should be put in necklace display cases so that they can be seen and admired by many.  Most of the jewelry pieces that belong to the list of the most expensive ones are usually made of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stone set in precious metal.  Some of it have historical importance and are more often than not controversial!

Here are the three most expensive necklaces in the world:

  • Heart of the Kingdom Ruby 

The centerpiece of this piece is the 41 carat heart shaped Burma Ruby which is considered to be a rarity when it comes to precious stones. It is costs about $14 million as this is also surrounded by 150 diamonds.

  • Neil Lane Diamond Necklace 

This piece comes from a famous jeweler which makes it one of a kind and it costs about $4 million. This necklace is made up of 140 carats of diamonds in different shapes.  It is set in platinum on multiple strands.  Famous Hollywood movie stars have been seen wearing it.

  • De Beer’s Marie Antoinette Necklace 

This piece is valued at $3.7 million.  It has about 181 carats of diamonds with an 8 carat pear-shaped white diamond as its centerpiece.  It is also set in platinum.

Would you like to have at least one of these pieces in your necklace display? You have to shell out millions, though! 


  1. Stunning! That Marie Antoinette necklace is something to be coveted, it's beautiful. The kingdom ruby is gorgeous too.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. The heart of Kingdom Ruby looks amazing! I'd be way to scared to wear something so expensive haha!


  4. breathtaking! I wonder what's it like to wear a few million dollars around your neck..

  5. These necklaces are stunning! I'm in awe of that Marie Antoinette necklace.

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