How Old Should Ladies Start Wearing Necklaces?

Jewelry is something that every woman must have.  She must never underestimate what it can do to an outfit.  It can easily turn a boring and plain looking outfit into something that would make heads turn.  Aside from this, it can be consider an investment when you start purchasing real ones that you see on the necklace display section of a jewelry store. 

Although it is important to accessorize, the question in most mom’s minds is when their little girls should start wearing jewelry.  You would see little girls wearing jewelry at a young age; even infants are already seen wearing necklaces and bracelets.  This could actually be dangerous to kids.

  • Choking hazard 

Infants and little kids has the tendency to put everything that they touch directly into their mouths.  This is ok if you are there to supervise them.   However, there may be times that you may be busy with something else and the next thing you know they already have something in their mouths.  The metallic parts or beads of the necklaces could break away and be a choking hazard.

  • Jewelry can get destroyed when being worn by children

A precious piece of jewelry that should have been kept on the necklace display case could be destroyed by a child.  These little kids just have a knack for breaking and taking apart things because of their innate curiosity.  So before you find yourself crying over a broken chain, keep those precious things away from the little hands.

  • Children can easily misplace jewelry

This is one thing that you would not want to happen.  Kids have a tendency to forget where they placed things so it is best to retain your precious items away.

So at what age should kids be allowed to wear jewelry?  The important thing to consider is awareness of the responsibility that you are giving them.  When they are aware then it is time to let them wear simple designs like chains that are not too heavy.  You can also let them wear fashion jewelry or those that are made of plastic or paper beads for starters. 

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