Unique Ideas for Displaying Your Jewelry

Are you tired of losing jewelry or spending time untangling your favorite earrings and necklaces? When jewelry is properly organized and stored away these problems can be forgotten.

Nile Corp.'s selection of jewelry displays and organizers is the perfect solution to beautiful store and display your collection of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more. Below are some helpful ideas for displaying your jewelry.

1. Group similar pieces together to form a luxurious feel. Group together black jewelry, white jewelry, and pearls.


2. Add your jewelry displays to a table. A nicely decorated tabletop with fun, colorful jewelry on display is the perfect finishing touch.


3. Dedicate a wall to displaying your necklaces. Use our simple hooks or wall mounts to achieve this look.


4. Just like your favorite jewelry boutique, you can use a earring display cases.


5. Hand molds are awesome for displaying rings, bracelets, and necklaces.


With a little creativity and inspiration you can turn your jewelry collection into a magnificently displayed work of art.

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  1. Reading this definitely makes me feel I should be more organized with my accessories. Thanks for the tips!