Silver or Gold: Earrings for Evening Wear

Looking presentable is what everyone aspires to look when dressing up.  Be it a formal or casual event, we are expected to dress up to the occasion.  It does not have to be designer or branded clothes all the time. You can get great looking clothes at affordable prices.  You can rely on your jewelry collection to jazz up your otherwise plain looking outfit.  A quick glance at your earring display stand in the closet would surely give you the idea on which earring to wear.

Evening wear is something that we wear for special occasions.  The great thing about it is that there are a lot of choices for this kind of clothes. You need not spend a lot of money just to get a great dress that will fit you perfectly.  It is a fact that this kind of outfit calls for major accessorizing.  An evening wear would not be complete if you do not have jewelry to adorn you.  Any pair of earrings from your earring display would surely match the dress that you are wearing.

The most obvious choice for jewelry to use with an evening wear is a pair of earrings.  One can forego of wearing a necklace or bracelet but never the earrings.  The reason for this is that it helps in directing the gaze of the people looking at you towards your face and not some other part of your body.  Especially if the pair that you are wearing is stunning, people will easily notice it.

Earrings made of gold or silver cannot go wrong with any evening outfit.  It just depends on the color and cut of the dress as to what you should choose between the two.

Gold earrings

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  • White flowing dress – A chandelier earrings set in gold would go great for this outfit.  The shiny gold sheen of the pair dangling from your earlobes would stand out beautifully against the pristine color of your dress.
  • Red dress that hugs the body – A long gold chain that reaches your shoulders would set off this gorgeous outfit. You would surely be a head-turner in any party that you would be attending if you get this ensemble. 

Silver earrings

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  • Black dress – The little black dress should be a staple outfit in any woman’s wardrobe.  This is one kind of dress that all women should have as it can be a go-to outfit no matter what the occasion may be.  Silver earrings are best paired with this because of the contrast that it creates against the black backdrop of the canvass that is the dress.
  • Dark Blue outfit – Just like the black dress, a dark blue dress would provide a contrast against the color of the silver earrings.  It will make the jewelry stand out and make people notice it.

These are just some of the more common colors that women chose when picking out evening outfits.  It is best to go out wearing plain colors when the occasion calls on the attendees to go on formal wear. Be it silver or gold, one should not regret purchasing a pair of earrings because it is one of the best purchases that you would make. 


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