How to Keep Your Jewelry Store Organized

A well organized jewelry store is visually pleasing for customers. It makes shoppers feel welcome and encourages them to shop more. With high traffic and constant trying on, sometimes it can be  difficult to keep your store front organized.


To keep your jewelry displays interesting change up the look and feel consistently to entice customers and make them think that there is always something new.

Below are some helpful tips to keep your jewelry displays organized and interesting:
  • Keep more expensive items in glass jewelry display cases to have staff personal access them.
  • Use multiple level jewelry displays for an ascending level look; Store long necklaces in the back, bracelets in the center, and rings toward the front of your counter space.
  • Optimize wall space with wall displays to hang necklaces and other jewelry.
  • Change the theme of your displays with themes, textures, jewelry display fabrics, sizes, and display positions.
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