Fancy Jewelry Ideas for Casual Wear

There are days that we would love to dress down and not be bother by any restrictions imposed on us.  This usually happens when the weekend finally rolls in or during vacation days where we are not required to wear formal office wear.  Wearing a casual dress usually makes us feel free and carefree.  Of course, this does not mean that we should just grab a jeans and a shirt when going out because a great earring holders can change the look and feel of a rather plain looking outfit.

More often than not, we forget that even when wearing the basics like jeans and shirt, we should still look good. Making heads turn while you are walking should not be the priority though.  You can look good and feel good while being comfortable and relaxed at the same time. Jewelry plays a big role in this so better choose your earring display and other trinkets that you plan to wear as this can make or break your chosen outfit of the day.

Today, a lot of offices already allow their employees to use casual wear when reporting for work.  This is most common for offices whose staffs are considered to be the back-office where they are not expected to come face to face with important clients. However, casual outfits in the office still do not allow the common jeans, shirt, tank tops and flip-flops.  There is still some resemblance of formality here and wearing jewelry sure does a great job in helping people achieve this look.

Long strand necklaces  

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This kind of earrings is perfect for casual outfits because of the availability of various kinds of materials.  Chains, beads, ribbons can make a great statement and make your regular shirt look classy and sophisticated.

Statement necklaces

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This is the “in-thing” today.  Bib necklaces, and peter pan necklaces are the fashion rage today.  The wider the necklace, the better it is.  This is because the bigger the size or the width of the necklace is, the higher chance it has to be seen and make people take a good look at it. So, go get these "in-thing" today from your necklace display stand and let the necklace do the talking.

Chandelier earrings

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This kind of earring display can be usually seen on women who are not required to power-dress.  Pieces of this kind are great to wear on weekends and on relaxed days.  They round off any outfit beautifully especially when the material of the earring is unusual like glass beads, paper beads and wooden materials or feathers.

Simple studs

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Using this kind of style evokes class and elegance.  It may be simple but it just goes to show how a few simple things can help you go the great lengths with your looks.  This makes true the saying that “less is more.”  Diamond stud earrings or a pair of simple single pearl earrings will definitely upgrade any outfit that you decide to wear. 
No matter what kind of jewelry you wear, as long as they are coordinated with the outfit that you have, then don’t mind what other people say. Being comfortable with the way you look will definitely make people say that you truly are an embodiment of what you feel. 


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