Earrings for Daytime

Earrings are considered to be the most important accessory if you ask a woman.  They are an integral part of a woman’s arsenal in making herself look and feel good.  Simple earrings and watch can add character to any outfit be it a simple jeans and t-shirt or a corporate attire. You can expect to see an earring display case aside from the usual jewelry box atop a woman’s dresser at home.

Earrings is one of the more common jewelry items that it worn everyday.  Women prefer this to other pieces of jewelry because you can get them at affordable prices.  Even the designs that they get speak a lot about their personality. Take a peek at the collection in the earring display case of your woman friend and you will say that the pieces that she has say a lot about her personality.   It is a common misconception that jewelry should only be worn during special occasions when it should not be the case.  Even during regular days when you have to go out to do some errands for the home, you can wear jewelry to spice up your outfit.

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Daytime is also not an excuse not to wear jewelry. Most of the earring styles can be worn during the morning when you are just up and about doing errands or going to work.

  • Stud earrings – These are a classic design pair that every woman should have.  It would make a big difference in the outfit that you are wearing.  Those in the corporate world can make use of this to spice up their outfit.You can match a long chain from your necklace display stand.
  • Chandelier earrings - This kind of pair is perfect if you are going out of the house to do some errands like paying bills or doing the grocery or picking up the kids from school to bring them to soccer practice.  It can add zing to an otherwise plain looking outfit.  It is also great to wear this as this kind of earring pair can catch attention to make the person drawn to your face.
  • Long chain earrings – This is quite a hassle to use especially when you have long hair as it can get tangled. A lot of earrings that have this design are made of different materials including feathers and leather strips.  It is a unique piece and can be a work of art on its own.
  • Drop earrings – This is another style that you can wear to work.  It is simple enough but can be striking as well. Pearl drop earrings are the best pairs to use if you belong to the corporate world.  It adds a little something special extra to your uniform, if your office wears one.  It can also add a touch of color if worn with blazer and a coat.
 If you have not started your jewelry collection yet, purchasing a pair of earrings can be a start.  It is best stored in an earring display case so that you would see easily the pieces that you have. For sure, you would not regret buying them even if you only get out of the house in the mornings to do errands. Why go out of the house looking like plain Jane when you can stand out and make other heads turn. 


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